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Cancelled flight due to weather

Explorer C

On August 21, I was taking my daughter to college and on the way to the airport we recevied a flight cancelled notification. We immediately called Southwest to get on another flight but they could not get us on a flight until the next day and all flight into LGA were canceled ,which was not going to work for us. We asked to be put on another airline and we were told that the cancellation was considered a 'weather' cancellation and therefore they weren't required to put us on another flight. Unfortunately, we had scheduled appointments the following day we couldn't miss for school check in and we booked on another airline. Curiously enough, we checked with 2 other airlines and neither were cancelling flights into LGA for weather so we booked on one of those and flew into LGA that afternoon that had barely a cloud in sight. I was able to get a refund on 1 of my tickets but on the other one I had used travel funds. Unfortunately, the travel funds expire before I am able to use them - 9/12/18 and customer service said too bad. Not only did I have to pay over $700 + baggage fees to fly on another airline but now I am going to lose my travel funds for non-existent 'weather cancellation'. Any ideas on how I can get Southwest to extend my travel funds so that I have time to use them? 


Re: Cancelled flight due to weather

Aviator A

Sorry to hear about your travel troubles.


The rule of thumb is that if the airline cancels your flight, you are entitled to a refund -- even on a non refundable fare bought with travel funds. So you were given bad advice.


I'd advise you to contact Southwest by e-mail, and explain what happened -- ie Southwest cancelled your flight. Then ask for a refund. Details on how to send the airline an e-mail are on the top left of the contact us webpage 


Just as a point of reference, the weather problem could have been at the the city where the  aircraft was before it got to your city, or if a connection was invloved, it could have been at the city where the connection was due to occur. So the problem might not have been at LGA, but instead somewhere else.

Re: Cancelled flight due to weather

Frequent Flyer B

Another thing to keep in mind is that Southwest does not currently have interline agreements with other airlines so regardless of the reason for cancelation, they will not book you on a different airline.