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Cancelled flight - not good customer service

Explorer C

My flight scheduled for  7:00AM the next day was cancelled the night before but I didn't receive any notification from Southwest.  I was flying from San Diego to Las Vegas and the weather has been fine, so not weather related.  The only way I knew this was that I received a text saying that my early bird check-in had been refunded but no other explanation so I called customer service to find out that my flight had been cancelled.  The agent booked me on a later, much worse, flight as I got the last seat.


There was no outreach from SW or attempt to rebook me until I called.  Basically,  if I hadn't purchased early bird check-in,  I would have had zero notice and shown up at the airport, 5:00AM, boarding passes in hand to find the flight cancelled and no way to get to my final destination that day.  No idea what happened to the other passengers who didn't have early bird check-in and weren't diligent about checking the flight status.  Is this typical behavior??  Do I need to start checking the flight status every hour 24 hours in advance if I want to find out if my flight was cancelled?  United at least sends a text if the flight is cancelled.  Very disappointed in Southwest!  


Re: Cancelled flight - not good customer service

Aviator A



I'm sorry to hear your flight was cancelled and that you were not informed of the cancellation. Usually you should get an email (be sure to check the spam box).


While the weather in San Diego and Las Vegas may be fine there has been some rough weather in other parts of the country which your flight could have been coming from and that could have lead to your cancelled flight.


If you would like to discuss your experience with Southwest directly I would recommend reaching out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 or you can click on on the contact us link at the bottom of the page and you can send a message that way and someone will respond to you as soon as possible. 


Hope you made it to Vegas without any other delays!


Re: Cancelled flight - not good customer service

Explorer C

I hear ya- although I discovered mine online a month before the trip - but yes, I will be checking it daily to see if they change it without notifying me!  I was fortunate to call in and get a great agent that fixed my when they changed my reservation flight back, it was 2 days earlier!  When I first saw it, I thought I had put the wrong date in, but then I looked at my original confirmation email and knew I had it right. All other flights were booked that day but the agent got me in somehow thankfully. 

I never had to second guess SW before, but now - I do.