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Cancelled flight … not reimbursed

Explorer C

Arrived at the airport in Denver this am to learn that the second part of our flight had been cancelled. No notification given to us prior to trying to check in today. 5 people (3 children / my husband and myself) were told they could put us on a flight from Denver to memphis on 10/12 (in 48 hours).  Would not help get us on any other airline. Refunded our original ticket price (in the form of southwest credit ) and gave us a $250 voucher.   How could that possibly help.   We have had to spend $565 on Frontier airlines tickets and because there were only 4 available… my husband had to purchase a $1500 ticket to fly on American through Colorado Springs so add in the Uber cost of that 1.5 hour trip.  If my family had stayed in Denver we would have had to get hotel rooms for 2 nights a nd purchase food for my family for 7-8 meals for 5  people / car or Uber services to the hotel/ airport  … not to mention the 2 days of missed work for my husband and myself and the nodding of our dog for 2 extra days … show can airline credit and $250 even come close to covering our expenses. I expect southwest to reimburse my family completely for the chaos they have caused us.  The reason the flight was cancelled was a staffing shortage.  100 percent of this should be on Southwest Airlines.  I will be taking this story to every social media outlet I am on until my family is reimbursed.  We have kept receipts for all expenses and expect full reimbursement … NOT credit 


Re: Cancelled flight … not reimbursed

Aviator A

Southwest will not reimburse you for expenses incurred.  You may get a voucher for future travel, but do not expect cash.  If the flight was cancelled and you choose not to reschedule you can get a refund back to the original form of payment, but you will need to request this so it does not get refunded as a travel fund.



Re: Cancelled flight … not reimbursed

Adventurer C

Sorry its your problem to deal with NOT SOUTHWORST'S. YOU made the mistake of buying a ticket from a clown 🤡 airline and now you have to deal with the consequences. All of the additional costs you've had to counter are yours to pay for. SouthWORST has zero accountability 

Re: Cancelled flight … not reimbursed

Explorer C

Hello, I had a similar experience. Have you had any luck? if so who and how did you contact them? 

Thanks, Errol

Re: Cancelled flight … not reimbursed

Aviator C

@AshleyWest  I too would have been furious if this happened to me. What was the outcome?  Did SW attempt to make it up to you? 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion