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Cancelled for the 3rd year in a row

Explorer C

June 2016, had an ISP to RDU flight, via BWI.  My flight from BWI to RDU was cancelled before I ever left ISP.  They quickly changed my flight, via Orlando.  Not too much of a problem.  July 2017, had an RDU to ISP flight, via BWI.  My BWI to ISP was cancelled after sitting on the tarmac for two hours, having to go back to the gate and get off the plane.  This time, I'm stuck in BWI for NINE hours. Got me on a delayed flight that left at 10pm.  Got home at 1am to find everything in my luggage soaking wet.  The BWI crew left my luggage sitting in the rain.  Filed a complaint, said someone would call within 30 days.  Well, I'm still waiting on that call, it's now August 2018.   August 2, 2018, I have an ISP to RDU flight, via BWI.  Got to BWI and once again, they cancelled my flight.  In fact, they cancelled almost EVERY flight.  I have to be in NC, leaving to go on vacation in the morning with my family.  SW has NO flights until the next afternoon.  Well that's not good enough !!   My daughter would have to drive from NC to BWI to pick me up, a 10 hour round trip drive.  They put me on a delayed flight to Charlotte, getting me there at 11:15pm.  It's a two hour drive, each way, for my daughter to pick me up.  Finally got to her house at 2am.  Should have been there at 4 in the afternoon. The ordeal was a complete nightmare.  This is the 3rd year in a row that Southwest cancelled my flight.  And this time they couldn't and didn't get me to my destination.  In fact, reading social media and tracking flights, they cancelled a ton of flights ALL SUMMER.  And every summer.  Why ??  I was given no reason at the airport.  But, my daughter was told on the phone, by a BWI Southwest employee, that SW doesn't have enough planes to cover all their flights.  WHAT ???  They why are you booking these flights ??  If you get stuck at the airport, they don't put you up at a hotel, they make you stay at the airport for however long it takes to get another flight.  They have ruined many vacations for many people, and don't care.  Why are there no direct flights?  Why do all the flights have to stop at BWI.  BWI sucks, their employess are rude and obnoxious.  That airport is total chaos.  SW sells you the ticket, you get halfway to your destination, then you get stuck there.  When you say you want a refund, they tell you that you used the ticket.  Is this the Southwest scam ??  They take your money, but you don't get to your destination.   How are you going to compensate me?  And my daughter for having to drive for four hours to a distant airport?  Oh, you're not.  You got your money without providing the product you sold, so why should you care?   SOUTHWEST SUCKS.   Time for a new airline.


Re: Cancelled for the 3rd year in a row

Aviator A

Sorry your flights have been canceled multiple years in a row. 


if you would like to discuss with Southwest directly you can reach out to customer relations by calling 855-234-4654 or you can message Southwest on twitter and they can look in to your flights to see what happened although I don't think they will be able to do much with flights 2 years a go maybe they can at least document your issue for training purposes 


hope your next trip is smoother