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Car seat and stroller policies

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If I am traveling with an infant and have a car seat and stroller, will I be able to bring both on board? If not, do I need to check those items before security, or can I check them at the gate?


Re: Car seat and stroller policies

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You will not be able to bring either on board. But, you may check both, either at the gate or while checking in. These also do not count towards your two free bags per customer. One stroller and one car seat are able to be checked, free of charge, per infant.

Re: Car seat and stroller policies

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Actually, you CAN bring a (FAA approved) car seat on board. But there are a few things to keep in mind. 1) It must have "FAA Approved" on it somewhere (usually a sticker; I think mine is on the side). 2) There must be an available seat for your car seat. This means you need to purchase an infant fare (see here: which you must call to get. OR there has to be an empty, available seat that is not purchased already. 3) Car seat must go in the window seat. (If you have two, I think you can sit both in one row, so long as they aren't blocking the row in any way. Google the FAA regulation on car seats.)


You cannot bring your stroller aboard, but they will gate check it for you (same with your car seat if you'd prefer) and tag it so that it will be waiting for you in the jetway when you arrive at your destination.