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Car seats for multiple children

New Arrival

My husband and I are traveling with our 3 children ages 7, 4, and 2. The older children will need their booster seats for the rental car once we arrive at our destination, and the 2 year old will need his regular car seat and stroller. Are both booster seats, the car seat, and stroller checked as baggage free of charge?


Re: Car seats for multiple children

New Arrival

First, the general rule is 2 free bags per ticket, and since two of the kids are old enough you bought tickets for them both you should be fine. I like to put my booster seats in a thick mil (clear if you have a choice) plastic trash bag and tie it off. Otherwise there is a market for car seat air travel bags that work awesome for their size (I bought a SWA one years ago that still works great). The items can all go through security with you as they are needed for the children, and can also be Gate-Checked for free (must see gate agent before departure) and will be put back into the jetbridge in a similar place of where you dropped it off. I don't need all of my car seats with me for the plane or terminal waiting, so I bring a stroller through and check the rest of the boosters and car seats. If you have max checked bags call them up, you could check all your bags and gate-check the rest, as cumbersome as that may be.