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Carry-on luggage

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What are the best carry on luggage brands that give significant room for enough clothes for a three day trip?  One of my biggest issues is that I wear size 13 shoes so just taking one extra pair for my morning jogs takes up a substantial amount of space in my carry on bags.  Ultimately, I would like to no longer have to check bags to avoid the extra time at the airport.


I look forward to your replies.


Re: Carry-on luggage

New Arrival

Personally I think most brands of carry on luggage should hold 3 days worth of clothing and an extra pair of size 13 shoes.  It's how you pack those clothes and shoes that make the difference.  I recently packed for a 8 day 7 night trip in a carry on bag with the aid of packing cubes.  The largest cube held all of my tops and bottoms while the other 2 cubes held everything else.  I would suggest also packing your small intems, socks and underwear, rolled, and in a plastic sandwich bag, in your shoes.  Hair brushes, combs, or small tolieties will also do well in your shoes.   Save precious space where ever you can.  Hope this helps.

Re: Carry-on luggage

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Lately I've been packing my shoes and sneakers in a backpack - does the trick and frees up my bag. I love my Briggs & Riley. It's expensive but bc it contracts I can easily fit at least a week of clothes in there.