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Carryon Taken By Another Passenger at Dallas Love

Explorer C

Another passenger took my carryon luggage landing from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX. I hope by mistake because there was another bag left unclaimed on the flight headed next to Austin, TX.


Is there anything more I can do to search for it, maybe at the other connecting flights of people if that person got on another plane.  


By the time the flight crew had me check the cabin twice and they were able to make an announcement whoever took it was long gone.


Southwest baggage claim said southwest can't do anything to help nor could they take my info in case the person came back. I got the same response from Dallas Love Airport Police. They wouldn't review any camera footage or take a theft report because they said it wasn't considered theft. They also said its not on the airports responsibility. 

I did make a claim on southwest's lost and found site. 


I'd like to call every baggage area of every place connecting flight and dallas love airport but the person in baggage claim said they would not help cause its not their responsibility 


Any suggestions. This was on Dec 2, 2019


Re: Carryon Taken By Another Passenger at Dallas Love

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that this happened to you.


You've done all you can do by filing the lost item report. Now you just have to wait.


I once took another's bag by mistake, and immediately returned it to the airport after discovering the error. Hopefully, the person who took your bag in error will do the same.


Hopefully, you had a name tag on the bag, and additional identification inside it.

Re: Carryon Taken By Another Passenger at Dallas Love

Aviator A

And this is why luggage tags exist.


Hopefully you had one, with you name / address / phone number / e-mail on it, so the person who took your bag can contact you. If I took someone else's luggage by mistake, I would want to return it, so hopefully they will. 



Re: Carryon Taken By Another Passenger at Dallas Love

Aviator C

Not only luggage tags but some form of ownership (business card, etc.) inside of the bag.


I'm sure if someone else did grab your bag by mistake, they are also searching for their bag with their belongings. 

Hope you get your bag returned soon. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion