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Change flight vs cancel flight

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I am wondering if there is a difference between cancelling and changing my flight. I was supposed to fly to Florida April 2, 2020 and will be changing that flight to a different day due to Covid-19. If I change it to a different date (instead of cancelling the flight) and I am unable to go over those new dates, can I change the flight again? Or do I need to cancel in order to get credit to use again for a new flight? 


Thank you! 


Re: Change flight vs cancel flight

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With southwest you can change or cancel your flight as many times as you want you would just pay the difference in fare so if you change to a new date and it doesn't work you can change it again. Keep in mind the funds on this reservation expire 1 year from the date you originally purchased your flight and all travel must be complete by that date. 



Re: Change flight vs cancel flight

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You Can change your flight in any  and every way youchoose.


You can change dates of travel, duration of stay, departure city, arrival city. You can change or

cancel as late as 10 minutes pe departure time, so there is nothing urgent about changing or cancelling now.


Instead I advise waiting to see whether or not SW cancels the flight. If it does, you will be eligible for a refund or a travel fund --your choice.


Re: Change flight vs cancel flight

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If southwest cancels my flight and I want a refund, does the refund for all the tickets I purchased for other people go onto my credit card?  We do not want flight funds if the flight is canceled.

Re: Change flight vs cancel flight

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@Coneheado I don't know what Southwest is thinking or doing because there are multiple forum users reporting that Southwest is refusing refunds for Southwest cancelled flights.


What *should* happen, and what has happened in the past, is that you would get a refund back to your credit card.


If funds are issued then they are assigned by ticketed passenger.

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