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Change flight

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Hi I’m getting an error code trying to change a flight.. please help!


Re: Change flight

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If it for a flight in the near future, here's what I suspect is happening:


Southwest  may be planning to cancel the flight but has not yet done so, but it is preventing

more people from booking the flight in order to prevent disruption to even more passengers..



Re: Change flight

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Are you trying to change to a flight after your travel funds expire? When you booked your original flight you have a year from that date to fly regardless of how many times you change your flight. So if you booked a flight on June 1st 2019 and are trying to change to w flight on June 3rd 2020 it will error out since the funds will be expired. 


You can always reach out to southwest on Twitter and see if they can help with making the change. 



Re: Change flight

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@lovebug2976 wrote:

Hi I’m getting an error code trying to change a flight.. please help!


If your flight is in the next few days, reach out to Southwest directly via Twitter or the chat function in the Southwest app (if available).


If it's more than a few days away, please wait and try again later (when the schedule update may be more robust) and, if you still have problems, reach out to them at that time.

Re: Change flight

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My experience for changing my flights booked in January for next month only allow me to re-book though May 31,2020 without extra monies due. Is that what you mean or just unable to book error?