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Change planes in PHX with kids

New Arrival

Looking to book a flight from TX to CA with plane change in PHX, for 55 minutes. Traveling with 3 kids with me (5,7,11). Is this enough time to change planes? if in case of delay, does the second flight wait, or will we be stranded in PHX?


Re: Change planes in PHX with kids

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@miselaineious So sorry you never got a response back in May!


In short, I would not risk it if it were me.  


If everything is perfectly on time and you can wrangle the kids efficiently, you might be ok, but I think it would be more stress that it is worth.  That is just my opinion.


Generally, SW does a great job managing connecting passenger, but when they do hold planes for connecting passengers, you need to move QUICKLY to your connecting flight since they are holding a whole plane for a few passengers.  


My recommendation would be to go the safe route with a longer connection time.


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