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Changing Seats for infants

Explorer C

Our family of 7 flies frequently at least 4-6 times a year. Preferring southwest when possible. However. For my fall conference from STL-AUS I accidentally forgot to get our now 1 year old a seat. We have learned unless our children are under 6 months its just not worth their comfort or ours to have the in our laps. 

When I called the airline to purchase another ticket about 4 weeks later they had almost doubled in price, lessons learned. We would deal with it.

Then as fate would have it, our high schooler who is the starting goalie for her team made sectionals last evening so she will have to stay behind.

SO joyfully I called southwest this am to change my daughters ticket to Theodores'! YAY!

ONLY to be told.......their "policy does not allow this?!"


So the comfort of a large family, & their grandmother & quite honestly possibly the entire plane is disrupted b/c we are not allowed to put a one year old in his safety seat in a seat we have PAID for b/c its alwasy been southwests/ policy?!!!!

I am dumbfounded by the lack of common sense?

Anyone offer anything for this frustrating time?

Also customer service is closed on sundays. Tomorrow is a holiday as well.

We have never had any issues in the past but this is one to make us walk away from this airline all together & tell others to do the same.  Especially families. 


Re: Changing Seats for infants

Aviator A

Sorry, but no airline allows the name on a  ticket to change. Also, no one can fly on another person's ticket.


Your best bet is to cancel the ticket of the person who won't fly (with that person getting a travel credit for a future flight that must be completed within one year of the date the original ticket was bought).  You might want to wait until near the date of travel to do that in case the situation again changes.


Also keep looking at ticket prices. They sometimes come down. If so , that'd be your chance to buy a ticket for the one year old.