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Changing a connecting flight

Explorer C

I have flight from Memphis to Palm beach with a 40 minute layover in Atlanta. I travel often and 40 minutes is a pretty short time, especially with my parents and a toddler. It was the only flight out of Memphis that day so I had no other option except the 40 minute layover. There are several flights from Atlanta to Palm Beach later in the day. Is it possible to change my connecting flight time before we leave? I purchased the early bird seating so we can sit in the front of the plane and get off quickly, but if we could change the connecting flight it would way less stressful. 


Re: Changing a connecting flight

Aviator A

You could do a point to point booking also called multi city reservation where you book MEM-ATL-PBI



Re: Changing a connecting flight

Aviator A

@Megrbrad Booking the "round trip" Memphis to Palm Beach, you can only choose from what is available. 40 mins is a tight connection, BUT there are two things to note about ATL: 1) all the gates are close together in the same concourse, and 2) I find that we always arrive in ATL early. "Always" meaning most of the time, of course. ATL is a large airport, and my personal observation is that there is way more time build into the flight time than necessary to account for that. This is especially true earlier in the day.


If you do do "multi-city" ticketing, you stand to disrupt the Early Bird you already purchased, and you also have to consider how your bags may or may not be transferred if you check them. You would have to check with the full service desk at check in for that.


If you sit toward the front of the plane and move quickly, you should be fine. Just note that you may not be as likely to sit together on the connecting flight.


Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder