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Changing confirmation number or seperating tickets

New Arrival

Well long story short,  my ex-girlfriend and I had booked a trip to disney but recently found out she was cheating on me and we are no longer together.  I bought the hotel and the park tickets for us where she paid for just the plane tickets.  Do the breakup she will obviously not be joining me on the trip but i plan on going anyway with a friend.  She said i could have my plane tickets since she will be jusing the park tickets on a different day or something. 


My only question is do to a serious lack of trust in her now, i fear she may cancel my flight last minute just to spite me.  She gave me the confirmation number so i can print out my boarding passes when the time comes in October but the confirmation covers both or tickets together.  I am wondering if there is a way i can seperate our tickets in some way so she can either just cancel her ticket and wont be able to cancel or tamper with mine in any way. 


Thanks for the help.


Re: Changing confirmation number or seperating tickets

Rising Star



The best thing to do is call reservations at 800-435-9792 and they might be able to help with splitting the reservation. 


I had a reservation split to a new confirmation number once 2 years a go because my dad had to go back to work a day earlier so I know it could be done (back then anyways) you just have to call to have it done if they can still do it. 


You could also cancel and rebook if the price hasn't changed but to cancel just your ticket you would have to call as well because canceling online will cancel the whole reservation. 


Hope this helps



Re: Changing confirmation number or seperating tickets

New Arrival

sounds good to me, thanks for the help