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Changing flights

Explorer C

Hi everyone, I have a flight booked to Seattle in November but with the way everything is looking Im unsure that its the best vacation spot. With that being said, am i able to change my flight to somewhere else? im not sure how to go about it!


Re: Changing flights

Aviator A

Yes, you can change both the departure and arrival airports to any that you want. 


If the new ticket costs less than your original, then you'll get a travel fund good for future use. If it costs more, then you'll have to pay the fare difference.


Unlike other airlines, Southwest does not charge you to change or cancel a ticket.



Re: Changing flights

Aviator A

Flexibility to change flights is one of the best things about SW!


See here for how to do it.


Hope you find a great destination!


-A List, Companion Pass holder