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Changing of Flights and Horrible experience with Customer relations!!

Explorer C

My wife and I booked our Anniversary trip to Montego Bay Jamaica at Sandals Resort. Our departure date was August 11, 2020. Upon me checking our flight information on the app, it had been changed to August 10, 2020. This was one day prior and it would have no place to stay. Upon me calling, the agent Ginger was extremely helpful, but could not get us out of Atlanta and to our destination without inconveniencing us with a layover in Ft Lauderdale or Orlando.  She did exercise every resource to assist us, but due to timing and preparation necessary to travel, i.e. boarding our dogs and taking care of loose ends at our home, it was not feasible. my wife then contacted another carrier and we had to pay in excess of $1100.00 for new air fare accommodations. the refund was given, but this does not solve the HUGE inconvenience this has caused us for our Anniversary trip. Upon further talking to Ginger, i found out that my follow on trip to Virginia for my brothers wedding was also changed. We are leaving Atlanta at 11:25 arriving in Richmond, Va at 1pm. that part was fine. On the return trip, it was changed to leaving Norfolk at 5:05pm arriving in BWI at 6:05. But the flight to Atlanta leaving BWI left at 5:15pm. So we would hacve missed our flight due to this change by Southwest. I have been a very loyal customer for may years including during my 25 year tenure in the US Army. But this is totally unacceptable. Upon me contacting customer relations, Heath was very condescending. I explaind to him the situation, and he stated andI quote, " We did refund your money." At this point i felt his customer service skills were lacking. I am requesting to speak with someone concerning this matter.


Re: Changing of Flights and Horrible experience with Customer relations!!


Hi @eddiesr43, I am sincerely sorry to hear that our rescheduling negatively impacted your travel plans and particularly disheartened that we missed an opportunity to provide you with the Customer Service for which we are best known. Please know that this is a public, customer to customer support forum, so we are not equipped to assist you here, and I have removed the personal contact information you published in your post. Customer Relations is the highest point of Customer escalation, so you will need to reach back out, and I apologize for any frustration.


Contact Customer Relations 


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Re: Changing of Flights and Horrible experience with Customer relations!!

Aviator C

I'm sorry to hear about your issue.  Happy Anniversary.  I know this doesn't help, but if I'm reading your comment correctly, you get another whole day to enjoy and celebrate the great occasion, that can't be all that bad.