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Charging more when booking 4+ tickets

Explorer C

Why is it when I'm looking at a flight the price goes up when I choose 4 adult tickets vs 1-3? Seem like you're gouging families just because they need more tickets. Has anyone else seen this?


Re: Charging more when booking 4+ tickets

Aviator A

It isn't just when you book 4+ tickets. It could be 2 or more, or 6 or more.




Well if there are 5 tickets in inventory for sale at a low price and you try to book more than 5, then all tickets are priced at the higher price. To get the better deal, you'd have to book 5 tickets at price "x", and the rest at price "y."   


The computer system does not have the capability of dealing with multiple prices in one single transaction so it prices the tickets at the one price that is available for all the tickets.



Re: Charging more when booking 4+ tickets

Aviator A

You can always book tickets 1-3 and 4 on separate reservations so you can take advantage of the lower cost and if the cost for ticket 4 goes down later you can get a credit for future travel only valid for that passenger though.


Also on the mobile app if you search 1 person it will tell you if there are 5 seats or less at that current lowest price.