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Check-In/Dispute/ Disappointed

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Today was a not so good experience. Im not sure if it could have been handled alot better, if it was my fault, but i felt they could have assisted more better than they did. i remember the names of the agents at the airport who assisted. Today i got to Fort Lauderdale airport an hour before my flight. I had a suitcase and a duffle bag which belonged to my significant other. When I approached the kiosk my passport wouldnt scan. It had to be about 12:05pm ... after about a few minutes the kiosk advised me to see an agent for further assistance. I approached the kiosk where Steve assisted.. he off bat didnt have the best attitude, which should have triggered me to just move or go to someone else. But i told him the kiosk wasnt working. My flight was supposed to leave at 1:10pm. So after speaking with him it was 12:13pm. He says they couldnt accept baggage we could book a flight out for tomorrow morning. In my mind im like its an hour before boarding theres no way we have to wait. So after calling my travel agent and her calling southwest vacations to see what can be done i wasnt able to make my flight today at 1:10 pm. I agreed to fly out in the morning, and not realizing that these two bags can be carry-ons because my suitcase was way under 50 pounds. There were only sandals , and bathing suits and garments. I felt he could have told us we could just try to carry the bags on. I asked for a supervisor and she came which wasted more time about 12:22pm.. her name was lisa. She was no help at all, as she was looking to Steve and another guy for answers. Why wasnt we informed that we could carry on the bags. He gave me a hard time immediately, and now my trip is cut to one day and he would not waive the fee (364 and some odd cents)for the return flight to be monday instead of sunday. So now we’ve wasted hotel money and excursion money for that day. I honestly felt discrimination as they werent even really trying to help us or fix the situation. I will be filing a complaint if the forum serves no justice.


Re: Check-In/Dispute/ Disappointed

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Most of us here in the forums are customers like you so you should get in touch directly with Southwest.  Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum pages (the Twitter option reportedly gets the fastest response).

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Re: Check-In/Dispute/ Disappointed

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Was this an international flight? If so it is recommended you show up to the airport 3 hours before your flight. It is recommended that you show up 2 hours before a domestic flight. All airlines have cut off times for accepting bags because they have to go through screening before they can be loaded on to the plane. Each airport has its own cut off times for checked bags. 


I'm sorry if the agents were rude about the situation. If you would like to discuss with Southwest directly I would reach out though one of these methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint 



Re: Check-In/Dispute/ Disappointed

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I agreed to fly out in the morning, and not realizing that these two bags can be carry-ons because my suitcase was way under 50 pounds.


The 50 pound limit is for checked baggage; if your bags are under 50 pounds, they are free to check. If they are over 50 pounds, you have to pay a fee. To carry on your bags they need to meet certain size requirements, and you also need to make sure you have no liquids above 3.4 oz. It's unclear based on your post if your bags met the size requirements to carry on.