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Check large stroller (Burley Cub) or foldable wagon (Keenz, etc) at gate?

Explorer C


I am travelling with a 4yr old and a 2 month old. They take a large amount of carry on luggage, possibly including 1 or both carseats to the gate.


One way to cart all that through the airport is to use our Burley Cub (a double wide stroller that folds flat but is still rather large and heavy)


or to purchase a folding wagon, like the Keenz Stroller Wagon or one of the lower price copies of it.

I think they are still pretty big folded.



If we do this, can we gate check the stroller/wagon, even though it is large and somewhat heavy? Airports involved this time are DEN and SJC.



Last time we traveled we checked the carseats, but still found ourselves trying to track 6 carry on items and 2 children. Keeping it all contained would be a godsend.


Re: Check large stroller (Burley Cub) or foldable wagon (Keenz, etc) at gate?

Aviator C

@patrat84 I can totally relate. In fact, when I travel with my kids, the huge stroller becomes our bell cart until we hit the door of the plane. I personally have never had an issue with leaving my large and heavy stroller on the jet bridge, but to be safe you can contact SWA via Twitter through a DM. 


Good luck, and remember do to take a deep breath. I’m told that one day we will look back at these times and miss them. 😀

SWA Passenger, Community Champion