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Checked Bike Box

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I'm hoping to travel with my bike. I'm looking at the special/sports equipment guidelines and it specifies an extra charge if the box is more than 62 linear inches, but it doesn't list a ceiling on the size. Does the checked baggage restriction of 80 linear inches apply to bike boxes as well? Or would I be able to check in a 90 linear inch box with both the excess size fee and bike fee?




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The only charge you'll pay is $75 - size limits don't apply to bikes. Here' what Southwest says:



Sports Equipment - Special Items

The items listed below will be accepted as Checked Baggage for a $75 each way charge.

  • Bicycles (defined as nonmotorized and having a single seat) properly packed in a bicycle box or hardsided case larger than 62 inches in total dimensions will be accepted as Checked Baggage. Pedals and handlebars must be removed and packaged in protective materials so as not to be damaged by or cause damage to other Baggage. Bicycles packaged in cardboard or soft sided cases will be transported as limited release items. "



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Thank you!

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dfwskier is always on top of things~~