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Checked Item Questions

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May I use plastic totes with lids? Can they be any color or do they need to be clear? 
what is the maximum amount of checked items allowed per passenger? I understand 2 are included and it’s $75 for each additional but what is the maximum amount of items?  Can I check 6 items? would it be $300 additional fee as long as there within the height weight limits? 


Re: Checked Item Questions

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While you can check plastic totes, the problem is they tend to crack and/or shatter so they are really not good for checking as baggage.  I'd recommend cardboard boxes over plastic totes if you can switch.  Either way you would need to wrap with plenty of tape to keep them sealed up.  They would not need to be clear.  If you think about suitcases they don't need to be clear, the same rules apply to other containers.  TSA can open any container, but would also reseal if they did open it.


I do not recall seeing a limit to the number of checked items one can bring, but I'm sure there is one since the plane can only fit so many items.  You may want to contact customer relations to verify.  Quickest method would be to send a private message via Twitter or Facebook.  Your understanding of the charges is correct, $75 per bag after the first two, plus any excess weight or size fees if applicable.



Re: Checked Item Questions

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In addition to @TheMiddleSeat's good info, you can find all the official info about checked baggage here!


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