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Checked baggage

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Hello, I'm moving across country and have a question about what I am able to use as a checked bag. I have one duffle bag but it isnt enough to pack all my clothing. Would I be able to use a cardboard box taped heavly to take the rest of my clothing with me. The box is 12inches tall, 15 inches wide, 21 inches long and under 50 lbs. Would I be able to use this box as my second check bag or must I get a second bag?


Re: Checked baggage

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According to the guidelines here, I believe the answer would be yes!

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Re: Checked baggage

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I've seen this cardboard box method used on international flights out of JFK!

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Re: Checked baggage

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A cardboard box is acceptable. As a community member, I guarantee it. (humor.) What I shall classify as non-standard luggage, something which does not have a handle, is probably OK unless it is an International flight in December. SW invokes their EMBARGO without advance notice every year. You will find several posts on this subject in these community pages; Search for them.

A duffle bag is Okay also. A cooler, well, you don't want the lid opening. As for the box, max volume is via 21 inches on each side and I stongly urge you use a thick walled one least it split open. Happy to go into more detail if anyone wants to private message me on crush-strength or using lots of sealing/duct tape.