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Checked bags or Carry On... what are the odds?

New Arrival

Hi, I'm new to Southwest Airlines and I'm going to be flying from Detroit to Houston. 

I have one layover in Atlanta (plane arrives at 8:10am and departs at 8:55am with a plane change). 


My question is: what are the odds of my checked baggage being lost or delayed during the layover? Will my luggage make it on time? Is the layover too short to be confident in Southwest delivering and transferring my luggage?


I heard from some friends and family saying that connecting flights with tight layovers are the worst to check in bags because a lot of them may get lost or delayed. 

I'm a bit worried because they also told me the Atlanta airport is extremely busy so that adds another factor into making sure my bags arrive the same time as me.


Would the better option be to just bring a carryon?


Re: Checked bags or Carry On... what are the odds?

Rising Star

I try to never check a bag! If you can manage a carry-on I would do that.