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Checked luggage size

Explorer C


I'm confused about the size restrictions of checked luggage and I'm hoping you can help me. 

I just purchased a new samsonite 29" spinner suitcase for our upcoming trip.  I know the airline policy is 62" and my suitcase would be just under that at 61.5.  I thought I would be ok since it's the typical 29" suitcase. 

However if I mearsure with the wheels, it adds up to a little over 62".  Does the policy for suitcase size include wheels?  Thank you so much for any clarification.  Looking forward to flying with Southwest, as always!


Re: Checked luggage size

Aviator A

Wheels and handles do not count as part of the bag size.


This is based on customer service policy stated in this thread:


Have a great trip 


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Re: Checked luggage size

Explorer C

So handles and wheels count in linear measurements for checked in bags. I saw on a post here from 2018 that it doesn't because it's protruding, just checking if that's still policy or not