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Checking a beach chair

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A few yrs ago I checked a beach chair on my return flite home from Florida.  No problem whatsoever.


I actually want to check the same chair for upcoming trip back to FL.  It meets the size/weight requirement for a free checked item; and lies completely flat.


For this trip my entire "load plan" for carry-on and checked items revolves around this chair!


Can anyone advise:  would there be any reason currently why I couldn't check it again??



Re: Checking a beach chair

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I would suggest putting it in something to ensure it doesn't snag or get caught on something, but other than that it seems like it should still be accepted.  Nothing has changed regarding the eligibility of something like this to be checked as baggage.



Re: Checking a beach chair

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Thanks, last time I just stuck a tag on it, closed it, and laid it on the belt. It arrived like that at Austin TX airport, but on the belt over in the corner, for odd/irregular baggage I guess. I may try to find a box/wrapping; but that may actually cause more headache in anyone handling it than just leaving it free.  Its not high dollar, like a $20 chair at Walgreens!

Re: Checking a beach chair

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Bag It and Tag It for sure. If it fits, It Ships. 

Enjoy your trip to FL