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Checking in a car seat without a child travel with me

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I am going to travel to visit me naphew and I am brining a car seat with me to him becuase their parents would like to have my second-hand car seat for my naphew to use when he grows up. I wonder when should I check in my car seat. When I check my lauggage or in front of gate. 

I do not travle with kid so I think car seat would be count as a lauggage. I wonder if anyone has done this before. Thanks.


Re: Checking in a car seat without a child travel with me

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If one of your two free checked bags would be this item, then you are good to go of course from a fee perspective. The wording on adding car seats or strollers as an extra free item (items #3 and #4) are that the child would be traveling.


When our family travels with a car seat, we check it at curbside inside of a Southwest blue bag to protect it from scuffing. If you have the original box or other carrying bag this will work great - whatever you used before will probably still be fine.


You may also check it in at the ticket counter or kiosk.


The wrinkle will be that if you traveled with the seat before but gate checked it when it was your own kid - then you may not have a bag handy for it. You could gate check it again, but that would be needlessly carrying the seat through the airport. The gate check option does have potential to be a little easier on items...and then carrying it through the destination airport. 



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