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Child's Balance Bike

New Arrival

I may have an unusual question when it comes to kid's gear.


Our 4 1/2 year old is too big for a stroller, but we like the ease of her two-wheel balance bike. 


Can her balance bike be accepted in place of a stroller?


Dimensions are 32" long, 21" high, 16" wide.


And if it can be packed, can we place it in the Southwest car seat bag along with her booster seat? (There is plenty of room in the bag to hold both).


Thank you for taking the time to consider my unusual request! 


Re: Child's Balance Bike

Top Contributor

I get what you're trying to do and think it's a great idea.  However, I suspect it would not be allowed.  Part of the reason the rules are in place are so Southwest (and every other airline) doesn't have to consider and approve every request like this and it's easy to pass along uniform information to workers at all check-in counters.  You could shoot the question to Southwest via a private message on Facebook or Twitter and see what they say there.