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Child traveling with Grandparents

Explorer C



I have seen this question answered but they are all dated. 

What paperwork or other things will be needed when my 6 year old travels internationally with his grandparents?


Any help appreciated! Everything I see on the site just addresses unaccompanied minors. 


Re: Child traveling with Grandparents

Aviator C

Family boarding occurs after A and before B.  If you already have A boarding, use that.


Family boarding first requires that a passenger be under seven years of age (six and under) and then, with that individual, up to two adults can accompany the child on the plane (if you are using family boarding between A and B.


Southwest defines an adult to be someone of legal age at the time of departure, generally 18.  Despite some of the scientific contributions made on this board, Southwest does not regard a 9, 11, 13 year old to be an "adult".

Re: Child traveling with Grandparents

Aviator A

Since family boarding has nothing to do with the OP's question I'll chime in...  If the child is flying internationally without both parents it is good practice to have a minor travel consent letter completed by both parents.  Note, it is not required, but rather a good item to have just in case there is an issue.  Here is a sample one that can be used:


There is no official letter that must be used, but rather just have both parents acknowledge the travel is known to them in whatever format you want.  The grandparents may never be questioned, but the signed letter does give them something to refer to if they do get asked about the child.  Of course, the child will also need their own passport.


Hope that answers the question