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Child with B Boarding pass

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We are getting ready to leave on a flight, and we are traveling with my 4-year old nephew. 3 of us got an A boarding pass, but the 4 year old got a B boarding pass. 


I know there is the option to wait for Family Boarding. But, what are the chances that they will allow the 4 year old to board with us? Obviously, he can't wait and board by himself, not that we would let him, but still. 


Probably just one of us would wait with him; and honestly, I don't mind. I just didn't want to try it and cause any issues at boarding if it wasn't allowed. 


Next question would be: does the child need to be IN the stroller to be checked at the gate? I only ask because it would probably be easier for the 2 people NOT boarding with the child to handle the stroller and what not, versus 2 people boarding, and then 1 person dealing with boarding with a toddler and the stroller situation. 


Re: Child with B Boarding pass

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Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Mind if I ask if the tickets were booked separately? If they were booked together, then they should all be in order (A58, A59, A60, B1). If not, then my best advice would be to ask the gate agent if they can allow the 4year old to board with everyone else. It's possible they won't allow, and they'll ask that someone hangs back to board with the B ticket. Additionally, once you're on the plane, you can always ask the Flight Attendant for assistance with being seated together.


With regards to the stroller, simply ask the gate agent for assistance with ticketing/tagging the stroller (you can always point out the child!). It shouldn't make a difference who brings it down the jetway to be checked.


I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out for any further assistance. Safe travels!

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Re: Child with B Boarding pass

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Get the stroller tagged early so that you are ready for boarding with it already having a gate check sticker. 


Anyone could drop it at the aircraft door once it is tagged. You don’t need to have the baby present as proof.


Family boarding is the obvious choice if the B-number is far off. If it’s B-1 then they likely will let them just go with you. Actually if it’s B-anything and you all are A50’s then probably will allow it.


Maybe an A-list group of three vacated their positions right before you checked in your group of four. Or booked separately and checked in a few seconds later? Or everyone else flies often and is A-list, but kiddo isn’t?



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