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Community Champions Program Flawed

New Arrival

So if I reach out for assistance or information on this board I am answered by a community champion that is responding in hopes of reward for promoting Southwest's agenda



Here is from your own policy


And why would you allow a non employee access to any of my personal information.

This is wrong.


Community Champions will be given a badge on the bottom right corner of their profile picture that will identify them as Members of the program.

Champions receive a variety of perks throughout their time in the program, ranging from exclusive swag to invitations to visit our Company Headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Champions have opportunities to connect regularly with The Southwest Community Team, making it easier to discuss questions, issues, and opportunities for the Community.

Re: Community Champions Program Flawed

Active Member


Community Champions do not have access to any of your personal data, and when we see someone putting personal data in a post, we usually advise the poster to take it down.   If you choose to share personal data with a Champion, it would have to be thru a private message.  Hopefully that outside your mind at ease a bit.  


I have been promoting Southwest’s culture and policies for about two decades now — actually before social media existed— so I am not really in for the “swag.”  I don’t turn it down when it is offered but that is not what motivated me to say yes when asked if I wanted to be a champion.  I just fly a lot and hope that I can help others who do not.


Your personal data is safe from us and I hope your travels are fun and safe wherever you may be headed.

Re: Community Champions Program Flawed

Top Contributor

None of the Champions are "promoting an agenda", but we probably wouldn't be here in our spare time if we weren't big fans of Southwest. We all have our complaints about Southwest, you'll find plenty of complaints about their IT department from Champions, but generally we're sharing our good experiences and discussing ways others might have better experiences. As @CareforNOLA already said, we have zero access to your information unless you post it. And yes, I've received a cool luggage tag, a nice binder, and a shiny watch, but that doesn't stop me from being honest.


Posting and responding to people is not limited to Champions, you're welcome to jump in too. Hopefully we'll see you around more in the Community, it's always great to see more people get involved. The next round of Champion nominations will be coming up soon if you're interested.



Re: Community Champions Program Flawed

Rising Star

As @CareforNOLA and @TheMiddleSeat have already pointed out, we have no access to personal information. We’re here to help. I’m a big, cheesy fanboy of SW airlines for countless reasons, and long before this site existed, I was sharing my love for and knowledge of SW to everyone. As a frequent flyer whose flown them all, SW is the best choice for me and my family. Community Champion or not, I will always promote SW.


It should also be noted that this is a customer Community site. It is designed for us to help each other! My hope is that I can share the LUV and help others understand how to navigate the great benefits of SW. 

-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.