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Explorer C

Is anyone like me, sick of spending tons of money for a product or service then being routed to a "community forum" when there's a question or problem?


I spend thousands of dollars a year on airline travel.  I want answers to questions from Southwest, not from travelers like myself. 


No offense to my fellow travelers meant, of course.


Re: Community forums

Aviator A

Well, you have ALWAYS had the option of contacting SW customer service (see "contact us" below)


.or. SW customer relations 









instead of coming here.


The community is     here to help travelers answer general questions  and to provide travelers a place to vent,  compliment, or share stories.


Since it is populated by fellow customers and not Southwest employees, it is not equipped

to handle specific personal  travel issues. If you have those, you should contact the airline— see the first few sentences of this response.