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Companion Pass with A-list and Business Select

Explorer C

I am A-list and have a companion pass.  I purchased the business select ticket for the first time earlier this year.   I did not realize that if you purchase the business select ticket, your companion is not linked with your check-in and has to check in separately to receive their boarding spot.  One of the greatest benefits of becoming an A-List customer is that you do not have to worry about the exact timing of your check-in.  I greatly appreciate the policy that your companion typically gets to share in the same benefit allowing traveling parties to get to stay together during travel.  I understand the reasoning, i they need those 1-15 seats for paying customers.  However, the current policy does put A-listers at a disadvantage because no longer do I get to use my A-list benefit of having the early automatic check-in for my companion.  I don't need my companion to be in spot A1-15, but if they could at least get the benefit they would get had I purchased the cheaper ticket of getting the automatic check in 36 hours before the flight for the non-A1-15 seats, that would greatly be appreciated.   With the way the current policy is, if you buy the expensive ticket, you have to experience the exact inconvenience we are trying to avoid by becoming dedicated Southwest flyers and earning their loyal customer benefits.  I wish there was some work- around to allow a stress free check-in for the companion which would be granted had I not purchased their "best" ticket option.  Do you think there will be any such changes in the future?


Re: Companion Pass with A-list and Business Select

Aviator A

This is good feedback, but since this is a customer to customer forum Southwest isn't hearing from you.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: Companion Pass with A-list and Business Select

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Solution: buy either anytime or wanna get away fares and


1) You will likely get an A boarding position .and.

2) Your companion will get the position after yours


I wish Southwest would not refer to automatically "checking in at T +36 hours." Southwest DOES NOT check you in at that time. Southwest DOES reserve your boarding position at that time.


You still have to "check in" to get your boarding pass and you can do that anytime from 24 hours before boarding time up to almost flight time, and when you do, it does not affect your boarding position (or your companion) - if you are A List or if you have purchased Early Bird check in.