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Companion Pass

Explorer C

So I have a companion pass, but I haven't used it before. The online guides say that I should make sure that there's enough seat for you and your companion. When I go to book online, I notice that one leg of my flight says "Wanna Get Away - 1 left". Does that mean I shouldn't book that? The other passenger classes don't say 1 left, so I'm assuming there's room, but should I be making sure that there's 2 seats available for Wanna Get Away?



Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

You should be good! As long as there are seats left in any of the fare classes, you are good. 


That "1 left" indicator in theory speaks to one ticket left at that price before the same ticket/fare goes up in price.


When in doubt, you could always call to book, but I have literally never had an issue with a seat not being available because you add your Companion immediately after purchasing your ticket. (Be sure to do that!)


Finally, in the worst case where a second seat ended up not being available, you could always cancel your purchase within 24 hours for a full refund.


Enjoy your CP!


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

My understanding is that your companion can have ANY available seat - regardless of price..


To check on how many seats are available, pretend you are looking to book a flight for 8 people. If the flight is not sold out, that means at least 8 (maybe more) seats are available for the flight.