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Companion pass deferment?

New Arrival

I just noticed we might make it to our first companion pass. Very exciting!

I am not sure how/when a year begins for award - is it Jan.1-Dec.31 or one year from when you reach status?

Either way, we are still in post Harvey cleanup, repair, etc. so either date woud be too soon to take advantage of companion pass right away.  

Will there be a way to defer for a few months til life gets back to normal to so we can take advantage of the year of companion pass travel? 


Re: Companion pass deferment?

Top Contributor

When you earn a Companion Pass it's good for the remainder of the calendar year in which you earn CP and all of the next calendar year. If you just earned CP it will be valid until December 31, 2018. 

Re: Companion pass deferment?

Top Contributor

Also the points accrue during a calendar year, so if you are close right now you may want to try and earn it this year even if you may not use it until next year.


Otherwise the earned point basis will reset Jan 1 and you'll be trying to earn it again.

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