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Companion reservation rebooking

Explorer C

I was wondering if Southwest will make it available for the customer to rebook a reservation with a companion pass linked to the reservation. I know you can cancel the companion's reservation and then rebook. However, my companion does not have AList status and I buy the Early Bird. Therefore, if I cancel the reservation, I lose the Early Bird and have to buy it again.


The only way I can change the reservation and not lose the Early Bird is to call customer service and have them change the reservation. I usually do the rebooking if the points required for the flight decrease.

I just don't like bothering customer service.  Thanks for any advice.



Re: Companion reservation rebooking

Aviator A

You aren't bothering them, this is a great reason to call. If your change isn't urgent, then you can be strategic about calling - don't bother during a snow storm, and maybe in the morning would be better.

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Re: Companion reservation rebooking

Explorer B

I guess I should say that it would be more convenient for me to rebook on my own. I'm surprised that they did not incorporate this option when they went to the new reservation system. I am wondering if this option to rebook online with a compation pass is under consideration by Southwest. I know I can rebook if I cancel the companion pass, but then I lose the early bird and have to pay for it again.