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Complain about Boarding

Explorer C

I’m currently flying on Southwest for the first time and I am disappointed. I am separated from my two children. My 11 yr old daughter is sitting at the front of the plane with complete strangers and this rude flight attendant tells me it was my choice to fly this airline. I have no clue where my son is sitting  This is ridiculous. I have always flown Spirit and always sat with my children. Where do I complain.


Re: Complain about Boarding

Aviator A

Most of us here are other customers like you -- Southwest has a page here with information on how to submit a suggestion or a complaint.


Key content from the linked page:

"Please reach out to our Customer Relations Department via Twitter (@Southwestair), or call us at 1-855-234-4654 so we can give your feedback the time and consideration it deserves."

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