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Today 7/3/2020 I dropped off my Daughter and her friend at the airport for a inter island flight 1295 at gate 610 7:30pm. Leaving Honolulu going to Kauai. She’s 20 years old has a job and goes to college. And is a wonderful girl. And we’ve been through a lot! And with COViID-19 going on and I’m a a essential worker! I wasn’t the happiest that she was going but we talked about safety and rules and I agreed she could go!  What I didn’t warn her about was the lady scanning her ticket before boarding telling her to put on a shirt because her midriff was showing to much. My girl called me so upset and hurt by the comment said to her in front of people and her friend that was a young man. . First of all I think that it was uncalled for and bull**bleep** and my daughter deserves a apology. And secondly I’m 56 years Old and would not let my daughter where anything inappropriate! I know that times are different but I approved of what she wore. And thought she looked cute. She had jeans and a cute tube top. Nothing inappropriate. And for this woman to tell her that She needed to put a shirt on was uncalled for and since when is there a policy of what people wear and if there is I wasn’t aware of one! My daughter is distraught when I talked to her after they landed. This was her first trip off island and this is her experience. I’m very disappointed in the actions of this woman. We are all going through a rough time and I’ve been on the front lines of this pandemic.  So for someone to intentionally hurt my daughter has me seeing red! I told my daughter to try and forget about it and have a good time! Will she I hope so! But I know it will be on her mind. You need to speak to this person and my daughter should get a apology of some sort. I hope this doesn’t happen again. And I hope this is not how you run your company! Kimberly


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Good morning, Kimberly.


I'm sorry to hear that this happened to your daughter.


You may not be aware of the fact that this is a customer to customer forum. Thus it is not guaranteed that SW will see your complaint, and even if it does, it will not respond here.


Here's are the ways that you can submit a complaint directly to SW: