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Consider changing your cancellation policy

Explorer C

I originally booked a flight 9/27/19 to Disney 3/28/2020. Due the the pandemic I am forced to cancel. SW is telling me I HAVE to reschedule prior to 9/27/2020. Being that this trip is already paid in full and I have NO control over the recent pandemic situation, I feel SW should recognize that thousands of customers will be affected by this and should take action to “lift” their 1 year rescheduling policy and allow us to rebook when we see fit for our Family’s safety, needs and work schedules etc etc. The current policy is UNREALISTIC is this current situation and at Times like these, adjustments need to be made. 


Re: Consider changing your cancellation policy

Aviator A

Most of us here are customers so you probably want to get in touch directly with Southwest, click the "Contact Us" linked at the bottom of forum pages for their Twitter handle and other contact options.


This entire situation has evolved very quickly so hopefully Southwest is able to react in a timely manner, even if it's just to explain a pending update to their policy.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Consider changing your cancellation policy

Explorer B

I agree the policy needs amended,  its very un-realistic.

Re: Consider changing your cancellation policy

Explorer C

03/16/2020: I have a similar situation. My husband and I originally scheduled a trip for last summer (booked in April 2019) but it was cancelled by the cruise line, so we cancelled our flights. We then scheduled another trip for March 28, 2020, just before Southwest's expiration of our travel funds, but now this trip has been cancelled, too, due to the coronavirus pandemic. I understand Southwest's rescheduling policy that allows customers one year from date of booking to reschedule, but if ever there were extenuating circumstances that call for drastic measures, this is it. Please, Southwest, make allowances for this terrible health crisis. For example, allow your customers a one-year extension from their current scheduled travel date. This keeps folks on the ground (not exposed to the illness or perhaps exposing others). You would still have their money, your customers won't lose out if they reschedule travel within a year, and you generate a great deal of good will in the process. As your current policy is, people will have to make a choice between losing the money they paid for flights (hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars) or traveling anyway so they don't lose their money. Neither of those is a good option.