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Re: Constantly Changing Itineraies

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It is a bit of a mess. If Southwest changes your flights and then can't get you where you want to go when you want to go, you can ask for a refund to the original form of payment.

Then fly someone else.


Southwest also lets you change the itinerary to other dates +- 14 days from the original dates of travel. Is it possible to reorient the entire trip to different days (and then hope that Southwest doesn't mess things up for your again)?

Re: Constantly Changing Itineraies

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Nope - can’t easily change (I.e. without big change fees) dates for a vacation once you commit to booking the lodging, ground transfers, etc...and most especially when you are employed and can’t change ‘vacation dates’ away from the office....while it might be easy for some to change reservations 14 +/- has never really worked for me and my work schedule....

Re: Constantly Changing Itineraies

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I think any of us that travel often has had to deal with this.  I was just informed my Hawaii trip in Feb which was to get me home at 4:00 pm now is changed to get me back at 11:00 pm  That may be a bit more livable than your situation, but I've learned to expect it.  I keep trying to remind myself, SWA has done more good for me over the years than hurt me, so I'm going to hang in longer.  You were informed to get a full refund and then book another airline, and that goes for all readers.  I'm sure at some point you will come back to SWA.  

Re: Constantly Changing Itineraies

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I've gotten like a dozen email messages about flight changes in the past few days. I can't even keep track of all of them. While not deal breakers, the change for one flight (repeated over several weeks) is inconvenient. 


I wish Southwest would let me track flight changes in the app or on the webpage. I know that most people don't have dozens of flights booked, but those of us who do contribute a fair amount to the number of tickets sold. Also, three days to change isn't enough. Yeah, if you are only dealing with one or two flights, it is fine. However, finding enough time to sit down and sort through all of these emails is hard for me.

Re: Constantly Changing Itineraies

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@MommaL wrote:

I am having the same problem with changing itineraries and the connecting flights don't match.  One trip - family vacation for 6 people......working on SECOND change to itineraries because SW changed flight times and connections don't work.  First change - we agreed to 'pay to stay overnight at hotel in Denver airport'.....NOW, the return flight has been changed and SW can't get us back to our original destination.  I'm exasperated....MUCH money already spent on vacation at destination, booked our flights well in advance and now we're stuck.  Just got off the phone with SW....they don't have a flight AT ALL on our return day.....Their solution is that we can fly home a day later??? BUT offer no help with accommodations....really??  I have been a faithful SW customer...but this is not good business....or good customer relations 

SWA cancelled yesterday out of Phoenix. Rebooked for a flight 30 hours later now this one is delayed and we’ll miss our connecting flight. Instead of being home at 5 on Saturday we will arrive on Monday morning, if we are lucky.  Extended stay @ hotel and additional child care expenses, going to be late to work on Monday. SW has gone from first to last in my book. They need to make it right. 

Re: Constantly Changing Itineraies


We're sincerely sorry for letting you down, @Tugolfer07. As a Customer-to-Customer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but I encourage you to Contact Customer Relations for assistance with resolving your situation. Thank you!


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