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Covd-19 policies

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First I want to say I love the fact that you are allowing your employees the medical freedom by allowing them to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. I love the respect you have for your employees!

Second, I have always enjoyed flying Southwest, however I am disappointed to say I will not be flying on any airline until it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask on flights. I know this is not Southwest fault, but thought it was important to let you know the reason why I am not flying like I used to, it is not because I worried about covid, it is because of all the restrictions in the name of covid. 

I used to fly at least once a year to see friends. Because of all the restrictions I now do all my traveling by car. If there is anything you can do to advocate the restrictions being lifted I would appreciate it. I love your airline and hope someday to fly with you again.


Re: Covd-19 policies

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Since this is a customer to customer forum you may want to contact Southwest directly.

Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Covd-19 policies

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All airlines (and public transit for that matter) require masks. The mandate was supposed to have ended this month but it got extended to January 2022. IMO it can be a bit of a pain, but ultimately it's not a big deal. I've worn masks for hours on flights without issue.



Re: Covd-19 policies

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Sorry to hear your won't being flying, please travel safely. Airlines don't and won't be influencing the Gov't requirement for masking.

Since it sounds like you are traveling across state lines make sure you adhere to state mandates regarding self-quarantining for visitors out of state who are not vaccinated. These rules vary by state. 

Best of luck

Re: Covd-19 policies

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@sidw123 Please don't fly. I have to fly to feed my family, and I have a nine year old who is too young to get vaccinated. I understand that you feel very strongly about your right to kill my family, but I have a different perspective on the matter.

Re: Covd-19 policies

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