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Covid 19

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Hello,  my daughter and I are asthmatic.  I saw that a competitive airline is not enforcing passengers  to wear masks, please tell me Southwest is enforcing masks be worn since social distancing on a plane is a problem.  
thank you


Re: Covid 19

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Not yet. I suspect they will eventually.


You might want to send your suggestion directly to Southwest (this is primarily a customer-to-customer forum).

Re: Covid 19

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Just as a note most SW planes are less than half full so you’d have plenty of space from others.

Re: Covid 19

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It’s also not just airplanes that are difficult to social distance in, the entire airport and periphery things such as shuttle buses make social distancing difficult. While not many people are flying, there are still various points throughout the journey that cause people to be close together. No one should be flying unless absolutely necessary, especially high risk individuals.



Re: Covid 19

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@Desiresmith Masks will be required for passengers starting 5/11.  More here: Southwest Promise.


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