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Credit Cancellation

Explorer C



Has anyone else had trouble with SouthWest's credit cancellation policy due to covid?  I booked a flight December 2019 and unfortunately had to cancel the flight due to a military training exercise.  They gave me a credit which lasts for 12 months (expires December 2020).  Then Covid happens and I cannot travel anywhere and my credit (nearly $200) has now expired.


I called the customer service line and she told me it's my fault (sorry I'm in the military I guess) and there is nothing I can do.  Why can I not get a credit extension so I can travel with the money I gave to this company?  How was I supposed to use my credit when all the airlines are shut down and we have travel bans during the duration of my credit?


This would have been my first flight with SouthWest but now I am so frustrated.  They stole from a Service Member and blamed Covid.


Re: Credit Cancellation

Aviator A

Yep, it hasn't been ideal.  An extension period was offered, but you needed to cancel your flight early/mid 2020 to get it.  If you cancelled after that time period the standard 12 month from original purchase date expiration applied.  Airlines were not shutdown, but I agree it was a wise decision not to travel as we were encouraged to stay home.  At this point you can convert the credit to a voucher that is good for 6 months, but the credit value is reduced by $100 to do this.  You have 6 months after expiration to do this process and you need to call to do it.

Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Credit Cancellation

Frequent Flyer A

@jwdarula You're in the military. We all have jobs and obligations. I support our military, but it is an all volunteer military. I expect our military to be professional. Unfortunately, what I seem to see all the time is a sense of entitlement. People want exceptions and special treatment for being service members. That's not what I expect from military members, but it seems to what we get.


Sorry if that's not popular. I'm not anti-military. I worked for the military for years doing research before I decided the oil industry was much more lucrative. I just don't think being a service member in and of itself makes someone a special class of citizen.