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Credit balance on already purchased tickets

New Arrival

I had a ticket to fly roundtrip from Philadelphia to Oakland.  Due to an important meeting, I had to return to Philadelphia earlier than planned, and Southwest did not have a return flight that could accommodate my schedule.  So I cancelled the ticket.  Is it possible to request a refund due to a legitimate change in business needs, or can I apply the credit to another ticket for travel in the future but has already been purchased?


Re: Credit balance on already purchased tickets

Top Contributor

Assuming you bought a Wanna Get Away fare, unfortunately no. You now have travel funds, held under the confirmation number of the cancelled flight, which you can use towards new travel for yourself (only), to be completed by the expiration date shown on your cancellation confirmation (usually one year from the original date of purchase). You can't apply these funds to an already purchased flight.

Re: Credit balance on already purchased tickets

New Arrival

I had to cancel a trip last September. I have travel funds available to use. I bought the tickets in July 2016.  Do I have to use (take) the other trip by July 2017 or just book my trip by this date?