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Crummy scheduling

Explorer C

I paid extra to get a flight for my wife and two granddaughters that was a little later in the morning with one stop over because they don't do well with little sleep.  On the day before their flight they sent out a reminder with check in for the original times I signed up for at 10am but by 2pm that day they sent out a change to their flight.  It was 3 hours earlier and had two stop overs that barely had a half hour between them!  I am totally fed up with Southwest.  After this trip is finished I will have nothing more to do with Southwest airlines and will never fly with them again.  Very crummy and poor scheduling.  Yes - I am only one person with one complaint and one determination never to use their services again but there are more and more of us and eventually southwest will be out of business!  JP of SLC 


Re: Crummy scheduling

Aviator A

Since Southwest changed your schedule you are able to make a change of your choice for no additional cost.  Is there another flight currently available that you would prefer to have?  I'm not certain if you can make the free change online, but if there is a better schedule you can contact Southwest and request the change.

Your best bet is to send a private message to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter with your confirmation number and the route/schedule you would like to change to.


You could still complain if you want, here's the link for that Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Crummy scheduling


@peeryfamily I am so sorry for the inconvenient changes to your family's itinerary. We never prefer these schedule changes, and I understand your frustration. As a Customer-to-Customer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but I recommend you Contact Customer Relations to share the impact the changes had on your plans. 

Community Manager