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Customer Relations Frustration

New Arrival

I would really like to see a phone number added to reach customer relations like before.  Getting my refund has been a disaster and was pre approved by a coordinator only to be forwarded to customer relations to be canceled and reaching out to the customer or anything.  We spend thousands of dollars with your company and as a courtesy would like for our money to sometimes  refunded.  I have not heard anything and I have sent several emails and also reached out to customer service only to be given several different answers about my money.  Other wise i really enjoy traveling with southwest.  If a supervisor or manager is review this please have customer relations to contact me.  I need my money asap since i have to pay out of pocket for my medical expenses.  I am trying to get better so I can continue to travel later.  Thank you for listening.


Re: Customer Relations Frustration

Top Contributor

Southwest does not review any of these messages, this is a customer to customer forum.  You'll want to submit your feedback via the contact us link at the bottom of the page.


Cash refunds are not common as most people purchase non-refundable tickets.  Unless you have extremely special circumstances you would receive a travel fund credit to use on a future flight, not a cash refund.



Re: Customer Relations Frustration

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@doates50 wrote:

We spend thousands of dollars with your company and as a courtesy would like for our money to sometimes  refunded.  

Most of us here spend thousands of dollars to fly each year, every year - cash/CC refunds are not a thing. Travel funds are. If you purchased a more expensive fare type (Anytime or Business Select), then you could request a refund. 



Re: Customer Relations Frustration

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I have a sneaky suspicion you have been dealing with Southwest Vacations -- true?


If so, you have to resolve thru that firm -  which is NOT Southwest Airlines. Southwest Vacations is also know in other places as Apple Vacations - a totally separate firm.