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Customer service complaint

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Southwest customer service,

June 13, 2018

I’m not sure which of your ‘friendly flight attendants’  it was that was sitting in the back of the plane, complaining about having to wait for 16 people to get on board that were on a late arriving flight from Las Vegas to Orange County.  Flight 4615 from Las Vegas got to the gate to deplane at the time that Flight 1871 was scheduled to take off from Orange County to Oakland. The ‘friendly flight attendant’ was complaining to her Co-worker about having to wait for us, And that Their plane was not supposed to be a full flight! 

I’m sorry your flight was a little late getting into Oakland!  What a horrible inconvenience!

Here’s how my day went .....  I had a nonstop direct flight from Las Vegas to Oakland leaving Las Vegas around noon landing in Oakland at 1:30 PM.  My flight was canceled! I had to scramble to get a new flight home!  Needing to get home sooner than later,  we rebooked on a flight that was not a direct fight. It routed us through Orange County,  And added three hours to our travel time! 

Two adults and two children scattered through the plane, Instead of flying the flight that we booked where we were in the B section and could have sat together. Instead of us sitting with even one adult and a child, we had our young girls sitting with strangers, while the ‘friendly flight attendant’ (who gets paid to serve us while we are guests on your flight), was complaining about being inconvenienced! How Rude!

There are choices when you fly,  next time we fly, we will be looking into some of those different choices!

Jane Dunn





Re: Customer service complaint

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As this Community is mostly customer to customer conversations, you'll want to contact Southwest via phone or mail if you would like them to be aware of your complaint.




Re: Customer service complaint

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Sorry you had a bad experience 


if you would like to discuss with southwest directly you can call customer relations at 855-234-4654 or you can send southwest a message on Twitter and they can address your complaint. 




Re: Customer service complaint

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I'm sorry about the poor experience that you had on your flight. The flight attendant complaining within earshot of the Customers was certainly unprofessional and definitely not indicative of Southwest flight attendants in general.

The Southwest Community exists as a place for Customer-to-Customer interactions. I suggest that you contact Southwest Airlines Customer Relations with your complaint at 855-234-4654 or email them by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Southwest homepage.

Once again, sorry about your bad experience on Southwest. I fly on many of those "different choices" myself and have always found Southwest to be consistently the best.