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Damaged Baggage- next day

Explorer C

I arrived back home from a flight the night before last and just now noticed that my suitcase is cracked in the corner. None of the items inside are damaged but this was an expensive suitcase. Is there anything I can do?


Re: Damaged Baggage- next day

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that! I am afraid not...


Per SW’s site:


“If your baggage has been lost, damaged, or delayed, you must report this, in person, at the Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Office within four hours of your arrival at your destination. The Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Office is located in the baggage claim area or the ticket counter at the airport.”

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Damaged Baggage- next day

Aviator A



Sorry your bag was cracked having a bag damaged is never fun. 


 As @elijahbrantley stated looks like you would be out of the 4 hour rule so I'm not to sure that southwest could do anything.


You could always contact customer relations though and see if they could do something but no guarantees you can reach customer relations by calling 855-234-4654 or you can message southwest on Twitter and maybe they could help. 


Best to do it sooner rather than later though