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Damaged Luggage BROKEN I didn't know you could do that.

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Just got to my luggage this morning from my late Saturday night flight. The metal frame has POPPED all of it's rivets, due to a crushing blow to the thick metal frame.  The thing is collapsing from the inside.  You have to be purposely careless to do this kind of damage to the frame.  Heavy duty case, but I see your guys took the challenge and took it out on my suitcase.


That will teach me to trust you guys with my bag. Bags fly free, not when it's going to cost me $200 to replace this one. Lesson learned. I guess  Nobody gave a crap, that's for sure.  The comedy bit from from the flight attendant, saying that "they really didn't care"' laugh, laugh, laugh..........was a true statement. Kind of insulting now.  Thank you, for the most expensive Gotta get Away Fare in History. 


Re: Damaged Luggage BROKEN I didn't know you could do that.

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Here is some information that may be helpful


Limitations of Liability


(1) General. The liability, if any, of Carrier for loss of, damage to, or delay in the delivery of Checked or carryon Baggage and/or its contents, with the exception of wheelchairs, mobility aids, and assistive devices used by a Qualified Individual with a Disability, is limited to the proven amount of damage or loss, but in no event shall be greater than $3,500.00 per fare paying Passenger pursuant to 14 CFR § 254.4 unless the Passenger at time of check-in has declared the value of the baggage to be in excess of Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($3,500.00) ("excess valuation") and has paid an additional charge of One Dollar ($1.00) for each One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) of excess valuation. See Paragraph


(2) below for excess valuation limitations and Section 8 for information regarding international travel.


 Carrier will compensate the Passenger for reasonable, documented damages incurred as a direct result of the loss of, damage to, or substantially delayed delivery of such Baggage up to the limit of liability, provided the Passenger has exercised reasonable efforts and good judgment to minimize the amount of damage. Actual value for reimbursement of lost or damaged property shall be determined by the documented original purchase price less depreciation for prior usage.


 Southwest does not assume liability for claims of missing or damaged articles if a Passenger’s Checked Baggage is not damaged, delayed, or lost. (


2) Excess Valuation


 The declared excess valuation for baggage shall not exceed One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($1,250.00) above the Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollar ($3,500.00) limitation of Carrier's liability established by this Contract of Carriage, for a total maximum declared valuation of Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($4,750.00). Excess valuation coverage is not available for money; jewelry; photographic, video, and optical equipment; computers and other electronic equipment; computer software; silverware and china; fragile or perishable items; liquids; precious gems and metals; negotiable papers; securities; business or personal documents; samples; items intended for sale; paintings, artifacts, and other works of art; antiques; collectors’ items; unique or irreplaceable items; heirlooms; research, experimental, and scholastic items and documents; manuscripts; furs; irreplaceable books or publications; and similar valuables.


 When excess value is declared, the Passenger's baggage and its contents may be inspected by Carrier's Employees. Such baggage must be checked, and excess valuation coverage will apply only to the point to which it is checked by Carrier and claimed by the Passenger

Re: Damaged Luggage BROKEN I didn't know you could do that.

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Just remember, you had to have reported the damage to Southwest within 4 hours of when you received your luggage (if this was a domestic flight). That said, as this is mainly a Customer to Customer forum, I suggest you reach out to Southwest directly through their Customer Relations Department.