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Damaged NEW luggage

New Arrival

I am sooooooooooooooooo bummed my luggage is now trash thanks to Southwest!!! it is now protocol to damage you luggage because the luggage is free? I mean new travel since covid19 and now I need to get new luggage again thanks southwest.....I guess you get what you pay means at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Damaged NEW luggage

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I'm sorry that your luggage was damaged.


But gimme a break, EVERY airline occasionally damages a bag.


Did you file a claim with Southwest?

Re: Damaged NEW luggage

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2002, I was flying Northwest back to SFO from Capetown. My hard sided Samsonite bag came out flat as a pancake with duck tape around it. People were laughing as it came around the belt. A week later, an identical new bag was delivered to my door. Accidents happen. As long as the airline takes responsibility, well, that's life. The problem is when the airline says that the purpose of the bag is to protect the contents, and that they aren't responsible for damage to the bag itself.

Re: Damaged NEW luggage

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It's unfortunate that happened to you. Now I don't know where you bought your new bag but the phrase "you get what you pay for" could be applied to the piece of luggage you bought as well. File a complaint for a damaged bag. Did you go to the southwest baggage office at the airport after picking up your bag? These things happen all the time, sometimes it's not even the airline but the airport's baggage system.

Damaged NEW luggage

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@20477875843 It appears that damaged luggage seems to be the new attack of the week on SWA, so be it.  I'm with the others, sorry for the loss of beloved baggage.  But as I put ON THE OTHER POST about damaged baggage:  I'm not going to dismiss you for using your money to buy whatever you want, good on you.  But since the beginning of time (and a commercial of a gorilla just throwing bags onto a plane) it's known that accepting a plane ticket has many risks, one being damaged luggage should you check it, it's a no-brainer.  The relief to that is that you can make a claim against the airlines and get reimbursed, however, it may be a drawn-out process.  I will just give you my direction on the luggage issues since I care not about what people think of my luggage and don't place travel luggage on a fashion statement level.  I buy a 10-15 dollar decent bag from goodwill.  It helps out the Goodwill foundation which employees people that might not otherwise get a job.  The bag normally lasts about 2-3 years and I'm really worry-free about if it ever becomes damaged.  And since I shop often at Goodwill or other stores of this nature that benefit our Veterans, I'm in there often and not a trip just to buy luggage.