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Damaged luggage

New Arrival

I just arrived from longbeach(02/19/19 2:30-3:50 pm)

and I checked my luggage got damage when I back to home(5:00 pm).

so I called to customer service but they told me to come to airport. I took a picture of my damages. Do I HAVE To go back to get compensation of my luggage? Going back to airport is currently too hard right now cause of my schedule. Sending a email with pictures to customer service works? 

send me an email back plzF7A47794-89B7-4B57-A973-AB4559F2C6A2.jpeg



Re: Damaged luggage

Top Contributor



Sorry to hear about your dammaged luggage. 


Yes you would need to go back to the airport because you would need to have a claim filed and that must be done within 4 hours of your flight arrival or the airline would not be liable. They want to see the dammaged with there own eyes (some try to cheat the system).


Hope this helps!